bingo-frameWe are excited to offer you a new twist on an old favorite. Every time you do a health spark or Quest you will earn bingo pieces to add to your Bingo board. During each game you have a chance of winning a reward if a specially marked bingo piece is called or if you get bingo. You will unlock new rewards at every level you reach in the Bingo game. Possible rewards include Amazon gift certificates, free answer coaches, coins, special spa features like a pool or flowers and resources you need for running your spa. We will also periodically be offering special prizes from our partners.  Try it out by signing in or creating an account at

      To play the game:

  1. Reach level 9 to unlock your Bingo Hall.
  2. Build your Bingo Hall.
  3. Enter your Bingo Hall by clicking on it.
  4. Click on the framed bingo picture on the wall.
  5. Click and drag your bingo pieces onto your board.
  6. Click start when you have a bingo piece on each spot and are ready to play.
  7. When you see a ball on the screen which matches one of your pieces, click (daub) the piece.
  8. Click “Bingo” if you have all the pieces daubed in a row, column or in the four corners.
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